My Girl Abbey

My Girl Abbey
Mother's Day 2015

Monday, May 19, 2014

Starting Over...Again

Monday nights are therapeutic riding lessons for Abbey.   We drive about forty five minutes  to get to an amazing facility that offers equine therapy for disabled children and adults.  Abbey is in one of her favorite places on earth.  Her instructor Kathy has been with her since the first lesson.  We still laugh about how she  kicked and screamed and didn't want to get on the horse. We decided we were both okay with just throwing her up there and start the horse walking.  Within seconds she was squealing with delight.  Smiling, happy girl.  It's been three years since Kathy lugged her up onto a saddle.  She has made great strides and continues to surprise us with how much she is capable of and aware of despite being a non-verbal child. But, she has this bad habit of throwing the reins down to be funny.  Unfortunately, on a horse, this is not just a bad habit but a very dangerous one.

Kathy has been working hard to get her to stop this and to provide both adequate stimulation to keep her attentive, and consequences to eliminate the behavior.  She never gives up on her though.  They stop the horse, have a talk, and start again.  They do this over and over if they have to. Abbey is learning that if she drops the reigns, the fun stops.  If she holds on, wonderful activities and challenges are waiting for her. The goal is to keep her safe, and to grow her into a more mature rider.

I couldn't get this out of my mind tonight. How many of us are just like Abbey with those reigns?  We have habits and hang-ups that could be passed off as just "bad," but they are really so dangerous.  We might even think they're funny.  But they aren't funny. I'm sure the point isn't lost on know where I'm going with this.

God isn't just some out there in the universe, all-knowing, but un-involved type of creator. We're his kids!  He's very invested in how well we're doing.  He wants nothing more than to give us wonderful activities and challenges that can shape us into more mature believers.  But it requires a tight hold and a close relationship.  There are no amount of routines and rituals that can replace a genuine love relationship. You can't just coast through life's lessons and drop the reigns whenever you feel like it.  He has so much more in store for us if we hold tight, learn from the best instructor, and keep walking.  If you don't have that kind of love relationship with Him, then I encourage you to seek out a local church, pastor, or friend that can help you through figuring that out.

I'll end with a prayer that came to mind while I was driving home tonight.  I hope it encourages you.

Lord,  help me.  Help me not to make light of habits that keep me from enjoying the ride we're on together.  Help me to hold onto you and to be safe in your care.  Help me not to let go of you, or to buy into the lie that sin isn't that big of a deal, especially in a world that thinks sin is funny. Thank you for stopping me in my tracks, for having a talk with me, and for letting me start over....again.