My Girl Abbey

My Girl Abbey
Mother's Day 2015

Friday, May 10, 2013

I Get to be your Mom

I felt it was time for some poetry...and Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to take a break from such serious things. :)

a loose strand of hair on your cheek all the time
freckles on your nose
the way you still make us carry you to bed even though you're eleven

hysterics and breath holding
bibs in your mouth when you get over excited
the way you lay down on the ground and laugh with your feet in the air

an unexpected slap on the back during prayer
Raised hands in worship are your voice
the way you anticipate the passing of communion

your broken walk and turned toes
your left hand
the way you keep surprising  us all and how you try to run

unfiltered attention and affection
beauty in everyone
the way you love

little brother, I didn't forget you
with your great hair
the way you call that spot on your forehead my favorite freckle

a willing spirit
tender compassion for the unseen and underappreciated
the way you help your sister

hand raised high to answer a question
silly silly silly boy
the way you look when you know I'm proud of you

sports in every season, your lefty golf swing
love for your friends
the way you pray and the depth of the questions you ask us

Baby Boy, my number three
Angles are your playmates
the way you made me a better person, and strengthened my character

Little tot, my mini coop
just a diaper half the time
the way you say your consonants and the sound of your voice

Occasionally stubborn and always smiling
music all the time
the way you sing steppy time, steppy time

joy and laughter
sweet and generous hugs and kisses
the way your eyelashes practically hit your eyebrows

it's always snack time
perfect peace while you nap
the way you want to be held and tickled and tucked in

"Fank you Jesus for Toopa!"
pitter patter of little feet
the way you say you missed me

Four carefully chosen names
my college sweetheart
the way God brought us all together